What is FitRECOVERY ?

A combination of carbohydrates of moderate absorption (maltodextrin) and slow absorption (palatinose), associated with protein isolate and TMC, providing better post-workout recovery.. Carbohydrates associated to Proteins improve the muscle glycogen refueling efficiency.

What is FitRECOVERY for?

Recovery of nutritional status after physical exercise.

Technical features:

– Contains palatinose, TMC and whey protein
– Gluten-free
– Lactose-free

How does FitRECOVERY work?

Maltodextrin and Isomaltulose (“Palatinose”)

The combination of carbohydrates of different absorption profiles provides for both, an immediate and gradual energy support. Maltodextrin has the characteristic of promoting a moderately fast energy supply while palatinose has a prolonged action mechanism. No abdominal discomfort is to be expected. Low amount of blood glucose and low insulin response / excretion.

Whey protein isolate

Contains all essential amino acids, providing for good protein supply and good digestibility.

How to use

It is recommended to dilute 4 (four) measures (70g) of FitRECOVERY in 200ml of water. Consume after training or as professional guidance.

Available Flavour

Tangerina com Guaraná

Nutritional information

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